our strategy

Our goal is to get you to where you want to be. We share our most valuable asset – KNOWLEDGE – to not only get you where you want to go, but to help keep you moving forward.The depth and breadth of our knowledge and skills are extensive.

It enables us to provide our clients with services and solutions that are requirements driven, utilizing the latest in business skills in our delivery. Through our consulting services, we provide our clients with the perfect strategies for their business.

our solution

We take pride in our people. We make sure that all our people are highly skilled in their respective fields: talent management, event production, strategic planning - and have the proper knowledge and skills to assist our clients in addressing their needs.

Playing a variety of roles to make sure each project is a success, our consultants possess both the technical prowess and savvy to understand the client’s organization, identify broad issues, isolate specific issues, and get the realistic views of where things are and what is needed.

Strategy & OrganizatioN

At TIV, we combine our industry expertise and organisational know-how to develop and implement high-performance processes and organisations. Together with you, we can mobilize and energise the real change agents in your organisation - your people.

Strategic planning is creating a vision of the future and managing toward that expectancy. It's operating under a vision, mission, and strategy umbrella that focuses the organization's effort. It's an effective process for aligning your short-term decisions with your long-term goals.

Consulting & Assessment

TIV offers reliable consulting and assessment services acquired from the organization and our people’s experience, expertise and excellence in the fields of quality, environment, health, safety, social, information management system, software development and process improvements, information technology and people related services skills.

Our approach to knowledge transfer is based on our people’s skills such as technical , project management and people skills. Major characteristics such as united values, open and transparency, generous and sharing, free of limitations and borders, true to the lessons of the past, creative, innovative and dynamic are also the strong points of our people.

Training & Education

TIV keeps up its dedication to the achievement of business and people excellence thru its comprehensive selection of quality programs and effective training solutions that increase organizational and individual performances - training that make a difference.

Our extensive training portfolio is particularly of high quality.We offer up-to-date in-house and public training programs in the most vital business areas. Our existing programs are continuously perfected and organizations’ needs addressed at every level, across diverse industries.

I.T. Solutions & Applications

Drawing on our experience in all major industries, TIV develop solutions that meet the most challenging IT problems.

Our approach to development assumes complete responsibility for analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of systems. In cooperative development, we work with your IT professionals to jointly analyze, design, implement, test and integrate systems.

Events & Production

TIV is an agency dedicated to the success of your event, be it small or large. We have over a decade of experience managing all aspects of live events, including large scale trade shows, meetings, conferences and exhibitor execution.

In addition to producing large scale events, TIV has been involved in exhibitor set-up and marketing for over twenty years, having produced exhibits for events such as the Lopez Lifelong Wellness Fair, Knowledge Channel Benefit Series, Philippine Printer’s Exhibit, Epson Roadshow Mall Tour and Nokia Care Mall Roadshow and several other events.